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WKSS- West Kelowna Shelter Society

Project Duration: 2 Months

The WKSS (West Kelowna Shelter Society) is a non-profit organization. They care for those whom society has chosen to ignore. A bridge housing organization that works towards bridging the gap between homelessness and rejoining society through providing services, beds, and skills.

Project details

Project Name: Non-Profit Creative Campaign

Team members: Angela, Julia and Kim

Client name: West Kelowna Shelter Society


Create a Marketing Campaign to raise awareness and to break down the stigma for the non-profit organization.

This is a real-life opportunity for students to work with an organization, that will demonstrate our team skills and professional attitudes toward the project.


Create a campaign strategy

Brand guide

Social media graphics- 3 Instagram posts

3 wearable materials

Brand Guide

Social Media Posts


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