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London City Guide

Project Duration: 2 Months

Course Name: Layout and Design for Print 2110

Instructor: Carrie Mayhew

Ojective: create a City Travel Guide book that contains 3 information graphics. This book will be created using Adobe InDesign, printed out and assembled as a mock-up for final hand-in.

Why London?

My Travels to London was an experience I will never forget. An expensive one. I create this guide book to showcase the underrated spots and cuisines in London that most visitors would miss. A Travel Guide to fit any budget!

The Underground

Subway travels are one of the most quickest ways to get around all of central Loandon.I designed the book to that links the subway to one of the most forggeton and inexpensive spots in the city.

The guide consists of Main-attraction, Street food, accommodation as well as activities for the whole family.

Final Design

When you look at the London underground lines, it seems all too confusing for a first timer. A Minimalist Editorial Design approach was used to make the information displayed clear for the user. San-serif fonts and a four color scheme added to the minimilist approach.

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