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For The Man Cave

Project Duration: 3 Months

Fogo in Portuguese means fire. Fogo has a range of products that is direct to a very specific male clientele. Men who enjoy the luxuries of their man cave but also prefer having it smell fresh and manly. Fogo products consist of candles and oil mist all containing fragrances that are popular amongst men. The rugged logo and dark packaging colors go hand in hand making it a product that is fit for the mancave.


Course Name: Advertising, Packaging and Promotion 3011

Instructor: Jon Matlock

Ojective: Create three package designs for a fictional product/business that includes a new logo and brand guide. Students must print out and mock up packaging to present to the class. Packaging must look like it belongs together. All items are to be present to class in a final well designed presentation.

Brand Brief

Brand Guide

Product Templates



Cuban Cigars

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