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Barley Bud Festival

Project Duration: 2 Months

The Dogathon is a walkathon for the dogs and their owners that help raise money for the BCSPCA. The logo is pretty simple and works well in capturing the theme of this event. Since this is a family event the poster speaks to all ages. It comical filled with bright colors and the use of playful font give the poster a family vibe.

Project details

Project Name: Fundraising Event Brand


Design a logo set, invitation and digital ad for a fundraising event for one of the following foundations; Doctors Without Borders, World Vision, United Way or BCSPCA. Think of your target demographic when designing your logo. Create a name for your event. Create a logo set and invitation that reflects a fundraising event and demographic that will attend.


There should be 7 pages in total for your PDF

Page one - Brand Sheet (type, colors used)

Page two - Combination Mark

Page four - Initial Mark

Page five - Wordmark

Page six - Invitation

Page seven - Digital advertisement

Brand Guide

Print Media


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