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Black Lives Matter

Project Duration: 3 Months

Artwoke is a platform that speaks to a generation of people. The main purpose for this magazine is to spread awareness to the global events that happen at every waking moment.

The world watched footage on May 25 of George Floyd screaming, “I can’t breathe” and crying out for his mother under the knee of a white police officer before going motionless in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Artwoke's Mission promises to not let history be rewritten. Our documentation of every historic moment henceforth, will never again be forgotten for generations to come.


Course Name: MAGAZINE DESIGN 3011

Instructor: Carrie Mayhew

Ojective: Create a fictitious brand identity and corresponding magazine. It will be created using Adobe InDesign, printed out and assembled as a mock-up for final hand-in.

Initial Concept Idea

Brand Guide

Issue #1

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